Today, January 8th, is the technical publication date for my new book, The Language of Fiction. In my experience not much really happens on a publication date–the books tend to be available on Amazon before that, and unless it’s a highly anticipated release, bookstores aren’t paying a lot of attention to when they’re supposed to put things out. I got my copies in the mail a few weeks ago (I didn’t find any egregious typos, which is really all I ask at this stage). Still, it’s exciting to have an actual moment when the thing is theoretically let out into the world, if for no other reason than because it means the publisher can no longer back out of it.

So, for anyone interested in reading a book about how fiction writers use language, I’m happy to be able to formally recommend The Language of Fiction. And if anyone out there does get it and comes up with questions or comments, please get in touch.